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Balagan-Style: One of everything, please!

This word describes a special atmosphere while eating and also lends its name to a new trend – Balagan. We have tried this type of food sharing with oriental cuisine…

Translated, the word means “sympathetic chaos.” It describes a rather unusual table culture in which you share many dishes instead of choosing your own solitary main course. It focuses on experiencing things together.

Many meals are ordered together, which are meant to be tried out and shared by everyone at the table. Usually, you can choose between small and large portions, but the smaller plates are recommended. The culinary offerings range from mezze, roasted cauliflower to sweet potato creations, coriander-chili pesto, Mutabbal, and shawarma. Pita and hummus are usually only the basics.

This food sharing creates a relaxed mood that naturally encourages good conversations! A bottle of wine or two pairs well with Balagan evenings. Of course, this can also be done with just two people, but the larger the group at the table, the greater the experience.

You can try the Balagan-style food in restaurants that offer Middle Eastern cuisine. For example, the NENI restaurants offer this culinary experience currently in Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich or Munich. Also, the “Balagan” in Paris or the “Balagan by Etoth” in Santa Catalina, Spain, will transport you into the realm for an hour or two.


Ready for Balagan? Discover the image selection here!


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