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Blogger interview: Veronica Orti – where Spanish meets Mexican

“I decided to open a food blog in order to compile family recipes, either Mexican or Spanish, for sharing them with both families .” Veronica Orti is a Spanish woman who married a Mexican man.

Veronica shares authentic family recipes on her blog. © Veronica Orti

How did it happen? Photography has always been a hobby since I was a child but it was not until I decided to open the blog that I realized how much I had to improve my photography in order to show the people the real characteristics that the dish’s had.

Why do you blog? I want the people to feel the same I did when I visited blogs with great photos. I spent hours visiting food blogs with beautiful photography. They were and continue to be a source of inspiration for me.

Want to achieve? The first goal I had when I opened my blog Entrefogones & Artilugios was to spend my time improving recipes, especially Mexican recipes. Nevertheless, as time passed, photography has become my first goal.

What does photography mean for you? I spend more time thinking about the photography I want to create, props I want to use, the mood I want to show, etc.  So, at this moment I prefer to post less but being sure that the photos I use are really what I want to show. Since then, 4 years ago, I have not stopped studying photography, improving my photography gear and trying to do better, little by little.

Your work? Two years ago, I´ve started working as a freelance photographer. I have been asked to do independent jobs as a food photographer for specific publicity media campaigns. I have enjoyed this work a lot. It has gotten me closer to my goal: becoming a professional food photographer.

Your message? I´ve realized that the more you learn, the more you want to improve, but that is the best part of this… You never finish learning new things and improving each day.


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