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Inspirations for your Calendar Projects 2019

We have inspiration for your calendar projects. Here, we have captivating photos of extraordinary animals, playful lighting, and dream-like photographs of the Baltic Sea.

Master of Disguise

Animals camouflage themselves to blend into their surroundings.  This way they can be the hunter, not the hunted. Often you have to take a second glance to find the animal. Cats of prey can be found lurking undetected in a tree or high grass. Chameleons change their color to adapt to their surroundings and the snow hare can change its fur to blend in with the season.

Do you see what I see? Have fun searching…


Fascinating Light

Light is omnipresent. Light is intangible. Light is fascinating. Light is the art of nature and it only lasts for a few moments! Our photographers have captured the most extraordinary light shows for you. They have seized moments of fascinating rays of light, the spectacle of the Aurora borealis, and the silhouette of nature.

The photographer has to hold his breath and seize the exact moment when the light enchants the surroundings.


Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea offers range and relaxation! Our photographers are collectors of moments! Dive in and discover the numerous nature parks, wildly romantic cliffs, beaches lined with dunes, undulating fields, and shady forests of the Baltic.

We have compiled beautiful collections celebrating this popular holiday destination.


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