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Living with Concrete

Cold and uncomfortable? Not at all! Modern, innovative, and futuristic – concrete has a positive new image, and rightly so! We’ll show you why it is impossible to imagine interior design without this natural product.


Furniture or Decor: Concrete Can be used in Many Ways

With its versatility and its rough-around-the-edges charm, concrete is becoming more and more popular. Whether it is used to create entire pieces of furniture or as a stylish accent piece – concrete living is constantly gaining new followers. It’s not just because the color grey is extremely trendy. It’s because of the material’s versatility. Everything is possible from tables to chairs to decor! Concrete appears warm and homey when combined with wood and soft fabrics. It contrasts elegantly with metallic surfaces and brass fittings. We are finding more and more concrete counter and tabletops in living and dining areas. In bathrooms, stylish concrete sinks and bathtubs create a futuristic ambiance. Accessories such as concrete lamps, vases, bowls, candleholders, and bookends are made into beautiful accents. The material is often chosen for its rough aesthetics. Stairs, floors, even entire walls made of the brittle material create a sense of gravity and clarity.


Soundproof, Insulating, and Resilience

Concrete is not only an aesthetic eye-catcher but also has many useful properties for your home. The material keeps moisture out, soundproofs, provides insulation, and is fire-resistant. Concrete is also durable and resilient. However, it is important to make sure that you seal it properly. Its porous surface tends to attract and hold dirt and grit. By oiling and waxing, you can prevent damage and staining that will change the look and durability of the piece. It is important to renew the sealant regularly. Stay on the safe side, be sure to treat your worktops with a durable, synthetic sealant. Counter and tabletops are polished to create an aesthetic and functional smooth surface. The more polished the surface, the more it is reminiscent of soapstone or marble.


What Does Concrete Consist of?

Concrete is a natural product that not many people use. It is economical and sustainable. But, what exactly is concrete made of? Cement is a combination of limestone, clay, and marl. When cement is mixed with sand, gravel, and water, you get concrete. You can make reinforced concrete by adding steel bars before pouring the mixture. The strength and insolation depend on the recipe used to create each batch of concrete. The cost for production, construction, and design time are relatively low making it a very economical material.


Disadvantage: Not a Lightweight

There is one major disadvantage that cannot be ignored. Concrete is not lightweight. The concrete used to create furniture is much heavier than the conventional concrete that is used on construction sites. You will need to hire a moving company just to move your concrete furniture. With this in mind, it’s important to carefully check each room to see if they can bear the weight of the heavy furniture. If you don’t, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised…

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