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Dusty, antique? No way! Terrazzo is trending!

It’s more than just flooring. The multi-faceted terrazzo pattern is conquering the design world as a new trend. The ancient Romans were in love with terrazzo, and so are we!

Presently, there is no way around terrazzo whether it is on the floor, the garden, the wall, or the sofa. The stylish pattern is trendy and versatile in all interior areas.

Terrazzo: Pattern with Tradition

The hip design pattern terrazzo got its roots as a floor covering. Italians have traditionally used terrazzo for their terraces. Terrazzo creations were made by the finest craftsmen dating back from Greek antiquity and the time of the Roman emperors through the third century. The craftsmen decorated simple country estates as well as magnificent palaces with every imaginable design. During the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries, the artistic natural material experienced a grandiose boom, especially in the Mediterranean area and around Venice. In magnificent church buildings, it was commonly supplemented and framed by splendid ornaments and mosaics.

Mass Production gave it a Bad Reputation

From the end of the 1900s to the turn of the 20th century, terrazzo moved indoors to the kitchens, bathrooms, and staircases of the common population. It was often used as a sink or tabletop. In the post-war period of the 20th century, the material finally conquered the living rooms and staircases of our parents and grandparents as robust, ready-made flooring and prefabricated steps. However, this mass production meant that the material lost its exclusivity and fell into disfavor.

Rediscovered by Designers

The versatile, speckled flooring has since been able to free itself from this once muddied image. The material, which has long been rediscovered by designers and architects, now stands for high-quality living and lends a noble component to every room. The decorative flooring has become more practical since it can be laid over in-floor heating or insulation.

Rich in Variety and Resistant

The best-kept secret of terrazzo is that it is a composite material, therefore, can be created in new and exciting ways. This durable floor covering is produced by mixing fine stone chips with water, lime, and cement. Marble, granite, river gravel, quartz, or even glass and metal can be used in the mix. These chips are embedded in a mold of concrete and epoxy resin.  Once they are dry, the surface is finely ground and polished. This gives the flooring its shiny surface. These stones can be used and combined in every conceivable shape, color, size, and arrangement. This process results in a constant stream of new, lively patterns. They can be created in every conceivable color and almost inexhaustible variations.

Terrazzo Pattern Conquers All Aspects of Design

This creative diversity also attracted the interest of designers and inspired them to make new creations. And so, terrazzo, in the truest sense of the word, has taken itself off the ground. It has now reached every aspect of interior design. For example, Designers like Max Lamb use terrazzo by transitioning from the traditional to the modern and developed a more modern, graphic appearance through his new compositions. Mixed with new colors and shapes, you can now find it on the walls, the dining room, the garden, and even the bedroom. There are no limits to the imagination.

Versatile in All Areas of Interior

Terrazzo is increasingly being used in furniture design. Pigments and inlays made of glass, porcelain, and marble are combined with colored cement. Some of the furniture is cast by hand. This process gives it its very own matte surface. These functional works of art are unique eye-catchers. Terrazzo has risen in popularity as a design element for the outdoors. Garden furniture, sculptures, as well as planters, look great. The best part is that they are heat and cold resistant.

Decor Embodying the terrazzo look

If furniture or complete wall installations in this vivid pattern are perhaps a little too much for you, you can approach the new trend subtly with decorative accessories. Anything is possible. There are no limits. Terrazzo is finding its way into every living area, from shower curtains, sofa cushions, carpets, curtains, wallpaper, lamps, vases to stylish hand covers, hip notebooks, and cuddly bed linen. Even trendy clothes and jewelry can also be found in terrazzo style. Join in!

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