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Focus on the Banner: Baking the autumn

We are enjoying the sun rays of late summer and absorbing the daylight before it fades into the colder and darker season. This mood of the changing of seasons is represented in the banner of this calendar week.

Hearty soul food eases the transition to autumn. Just when it gets colder and darker, we want more of it. Our banner selection shows autumn colors and dishes, which are accentuated with special details. Shot in beautiful daylight, the images convey a cozy, leisurely feeling. The visual language shows elements from Granny Chic with aspects of Perfectly Imperfect and Rustic Soul.

Clever interpretation – the ingredients

You see hearty dishes with a special twist. Image 1 and 3 reflect the theme of autumn baking. A short crust pie can be rather old-fashioned, but adding pulled goose gives it a modern touch. Normally brioche is enjoyed sweet, but in this self-baked version a touch of cheese makes them seem hearty. The rustic food styling is loosened by green herbs as summer accents. So the rosemary color is harmonious to the pink-roasted beef. The fried potatoes are a seasonal ingredient, which stands out as a yellow highlight.

Smudged perfection: mood booster

These images have the same attention to detail. Flour, grated cheese on the work surface, as well as herbs in the background, and melted butter in a glass create a cozy and authentic atmosphere as if we were in our own kitchen – or at Grandma’s. The choice of rustic props reinforces this. A grater, a rusted baking tin, and the flask of flour in the background are a refined arrangement that expresses that everything had just been prepared. Also the glasses, wooden surfaces, baskets, as well as a crocheted kitchen towel and the decorative jam jar shout “cozy.”

Feel comfortable and cozy – this is exactly what we wish for you and for the autumn!


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