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Focus on the Banner: Precious Shades of Chocolate

Do you prefer them light and creamy or dark and firm? Chocolate lovers get their money’s worth with this week’s banner. Immerse yourself in fine brown tones and pure chocolate!

This week will be choco-licious! Fudgy cakes and brownies, dripping chocolate sauce, crunchy chocolate pieces in a cookie, and creamy hot cocoa decorate our banner. Besides the sinful protagonists themselves, the combination of noble brown tones is alluring. Accented with props in trendy rose gold, the arrangement is both sweet and stylish.

What you don’t see directly are the special twists. The chocolates are complemented by special ingredients. The left picture shows chocolate brownies with malt. In the middle, a chocolate mousse cake is enhanced with mocha. Lastly, in the picture on the right the chocolate sandwich cookies are salted and contain oats.

The backgrounds of the images are blurred in grey tones while the dishes are presented in front. All three pictures have traces of the “Perfectly Imperfect” style using cocoa dust, chocolate chips, and crumbs. This, the color design, and the rose gold kitchen utensils are used to connect the images without being too uniform.

From mousse and cake to brownies and hot chocolate to syrup and sauce – everything in our picture selection is chocolate…

Chocoholics, this way!

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