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Focus on the Banner: Creamy Treats of “Image Inspirations”

This week we are focusing on sweet treats in creamy beige tones. At the same time, we are also covering a category of our new site “Image Inspirations”. Impressive!

Ice cream or chocolate? Waffle or truffles filled with cream? Don’t decide, combine! In the current banner are combining different degrees of creamy colors and complementing them with crunchy textures and toppings. The ice cream is added to the wafer and becomes a total work of art with a pistachio crunch and dark chocolate sauce. We’re in heaven with these golden-brown sweet treats, so come on!

The banner also shows us how delicious inspiration can look. Ice cream is now one of the subcategories of our new site. From now on you will be able to find the best of the “Image Inspirations” right here. That means we will be showing you galleries on current food subjects and culinary trends. You’ll find collections of the finest food inspiration for your image searches and projects.

Get visual inspiration here

Ice cream never goes out of style, but we have more to offer than just one category on our site. You will find ice cream alongside other new food trends, diets, world cuisine, and sweet treats that await you. Now, let’s get back to those creamy tones and sweet treats. Discover them now:

Here you can see all the sweet treats in creamy beige tones!


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