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Focus on the Banner: Everything is in the Green

We want you to stay healthy. That is why we have packed a lot of vitamins in this week and they are all green. Well then, everything is green!

It’s green… so green… our current image selection for our banner of the week. All different shades Healthy greens are revitalizing our week from avocado, spinach, and asparagus, to kale.

On the banner, we have positioned a cold avocado cream soup garnished with feta, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and lamb’s lettuce on the left. The center is a close up of young beetroot leaves and to the right is a spinach smoothie in the glass.

The change of perspective seems unusual at first. While the middle shows a strong close-up of an ingredient, the left image is seen from above the dish with ingredients and props. The rustic photograph is taken in the “Perfectly Imperfect” style. The picture on the right offers a frontal view. It shows little “food” but is lively due to the presences of a person. The contrast between a radiant green smoothie and a grey sweater correlates with the first image’s grey background. The grey acts as a frame around the fresh green.

The healthy green makes you want more. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a selection of more vitamins for you.

The fresh nuances and the revitalizing food styling of these photos are gifts for our eyes. See for yourself!


Discover green power!


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