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Focus on the Banner: Fish and fresh

While long walks in the fresh air we are especially pleased to see the rustling foliage, which sparkles golden yellow in the autumn sun. We packed this glimmer of the “Golden October” into the banner of of the current calendar week.

The uniqueness of this banner is that the pictures have different perspectives. Although each dish is presented from a different angle, the result is a harmonious look – because they are dedicated to the same food.

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish

Each of the three images subject is fish, but they are each a different dish. Grilled fish fillet, omelet with smoked salmon, and a burger with mussels shout out “fish and fresh” to us. The shiny grilled skin of the fillet is decorated by small-cut chilies and supplemented by a late-summer salad and the color of oranges. On the second plate herbs and salmon are the focus. The omelet combines everything in an appetizing way. Details like cream cheese and perfectly halved tomatoes blend harmoniously. The picture on the right of the Golden Burger Bun is mouth-watering. The neatly stacked ingredients, crispy-baked bacon and the golden-brown mussels, are surrounded by lettuce leaves, which shimmer through the dressing. A more glowing and refreshing style is hardly possible.

Autumnal benefits

What these three images also have in common is an autumnal palette. Golden yellow, green and orange are prevailing. The dishes are arranged on wood, which looks like outdoor locations. That’s a touch of “Rustic Soul” and at the same time it serves as a reminder that we can still eat outside during autumn. Cool light and gray props underline the colors and freshness of the dishes.

Our conclusion for the golden October: Fresh fish food brings light into darker days!

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