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Focus on the Banner: Life is good

Berries, iced coffee and picnics – dive into the summer with our lifestyle banner of the week. The images have two special features: they are held in a soft, slight sepia effect and all three are by only one photographer.


And there’s something else! Normally we don’t show people on our banners, but this time we see a lady photographed from above, in ripped jeans, with flowers and berries – it could be a blogger shot. In addition, a cold brew coffee and pancakes – our banner shouts “lifestyle!”


These images present the modern lifestyle, shaped by summer. This time the focus is not on food, but more on a feeling. On really hot summer days an iced coffee and a light picnic are just fine for us. We have chosen three images that transport the summer vibe in a common constellation and through their sepia shimmer: happy, carefree, light. The uniform world of colors also connects the three pictures: brown, beige and warm tones create a harmonious atmosphere; the light is always kept cool.


Our selection of images for the banner is particularly trendy this time: with fruits, vegan greens, superfoods for breakfast, cold brew or detox juice…

That’s the summer lifestyle… get into it!


Let yourself go! Because: summer is what you make of it.



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