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Focus on the Banner: Sinful soul food to savor

Diet or not – hands on our hearts, sometimes we must chose food for the soul. For the banner of this calendar week we therefore have selected three sinful dishes.

Especially on those cold days we all embrace feasting and cuddling. To retreat into four walls and enjoying our favorite foods is a part of practicing well-being. Hearty, sweet or simply substantial – soul food means something different for everyone. You can see three of our favorite examples in the banner.

Layers, Flowers and Packets

Banana slices, a layer of oatmeal and liquid chocolate, which runs “Perfectly Imperfect” along the jar. Creamy layers in a glass and a long spoon – we couldn’t ask for anything more. The potato fritters are golden brown, details like glazed onions, edible flowers and herbs refine the base of this dish. Still warm, we steal the crispy puff pastry pies from the pan; they are topped by poppy seeds – distributed very evenly.

Turn the lights low

The focus of this selection is clearly on the dishes, the background is blurry. The visual language shows “Black Background” with rustic touches. Although the images are relatively dark and bluish, contrasting colors of the dishes convey a warm feeling. The old stove, the cast iron pan and the stone dishes are hearty and rather unobtrusive props. Only the white linen napkin under the jar protrudes from the darkness.

At first sight the dishes seem very simple; a closer look reveals an enormous effect through the common arrangement. A strong trio for cold days…

Feel inspired to dim the light and give in to the desire for sinful soul food – here’s the matching image selection!

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