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Focus on the Banner: Sun, Sea and Smoothie Bowls

How do we imagine a perfect summer’s day? That’s what we’ve been pondering. Fresh fruit is definitely a part of it! The current banner should awaken those refreshing summer feelings.

Of course, we don’t have a fresh Smoothie Bowl with the most beautiful fruits in bright colors on the table every morning. But one can always dream. Refreshing and trendy, that’s how we envision the summer.

This time berries are the common ingredient of the three images. The middle one is framed by two close-ups, which couldn’t depict them any tastier. The frozen fruits are shown in full detail. You can see the pure ingredients in their bold berry tones.

These colors are also used in the middle. The woman in the blueberry-colored dress holds the trendy dish full of berry tones for the summer in her hand. The brimming Smoothie Bowl makes you want summer and all of its seasonal produce. Frozen raspberries are used as a garnish. The shot sizes and perspectives give this banner combination of wow factor and desire.


We send you warm, summery greetings and say, let’s make smoothie bowls!


Click here for impressive images with berries matching the banner


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