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Focus on the Banner: Unique and cool as homemade

What is the fastest way to get into the Christmas spirit? We think it’s by spending time baking cookies and wrapping presents. Our current banner should put you in this mood! Zoom in!

Here, we have cookies we would also bake after Christmas to make a happy day of DIY filled fun! Cookie decorating with Friends and family make a day a happy one. This describes the feel-good atmosphere our current image combination conveys. Innovative baking ideas and a DIY atmosphere!

The focus is on food styling. Icing sugar, crumbs and decorative details are highlights of the images. Have you found the little golden moose yet?

From the fairy tale

The spherical biscuits are stored in a cool DIY jar with a cork lid, the biscuits with yellow lemon filling lie on illustrations that could come from a fairy tale and are also beautiful when packed in white paper with a star. The baked moose stand close together in a paper bag. We would like to implement all of these ideas exactly like this in our next DIY project.

3 off 1

By the way, all three images come from a series; but without being too similar. The various biscuits, the decoration as well as the perspectives and the colors harmonize with each other. Rustic Soul as the visual language does the rest: the images look rustic, but nevertheless warm and inviting.

Our message to get in the Christmas mood: Do it yourself – just as you like it!


Click here for the matching selection of images!


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