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Food Trend: Rolls instead of Bowls!

Rolled food is now main stream. Jars were yesterday, bowls are today. Soul Rolls are to come next! From now on we take our favorite food in hand – Discover the new Food Trend!

The breakfast egg is wrapped in a tortilla, the lunch salad is formed into crispy rice paper rolls and even the French toast is wrapped. There are no limits when it comes to making these trendy rolls. Let your imagination run wild!

Soul Rolls are a food trend that is perfect for the spirit of our age and time. Everyday life becomes more and more complex; as one appointment runs into the next. So food should not inhibit us – but it shouldn’t be monotonous or unhealthy. Rolls are the solution. “Meal prep” is so hip like never before. Soul Rolls can be prepared easily and can be consumed everywhere. When we enjoy what we like and where we want, and that makes us happy. That’s called Soul Food.


You may ask yourself “what’s new about it? The Mexican cantina and grill around the corner has always offered rolled food.” In addition to speed, the focus is on creativity. Healthy ingredients fill these exciting wraps – like spinach herb tortilla or fried chard. You have unlimited possibilities for exciting combinations: flowers and tuna are also rolled up just as coconut rice and cucumber salad.

The Souls Rolls are just as diverse as the as the ingredients are colorful. – Discover the bandwidth and creativity!


You want to try out this new trend immediately? Here you get three recipes to download for free 🙂

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