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From our French Collection: The Green attitude

In 2017 “Greenery” became the Pantone color of the year making green an important interior trend. Now, this color trend is moving from the living room to the kitchen. PhotoCuisine shows us how!

After green conquered the living rooms last year as an important interior trend, it has now moved into the kitchen bringing all of the different shades of green to our plates.

Salads, asparagus, fresh peas and beans, wild herbs and sprouts – all kinds of green delight our eyes and palates. Whether pastel or emerald green, light or dark green – the color green stands for freshness, energy, and health in the kitchen. It shows the meal in beautiful simplicity, as a gift from nature. It vibrantly stands in contrast to all the industrially produced foods that appear dull and colorless.

To combine health, pleasure, and enjoyment, put Green on your plates and adopt the Green Attitude.

Here’s the bright green image selection from PhotoCuisine


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