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Our Garden Stories: Visit the Gardens in…

A garden reveals something about its inhabitants and the land. Don’t you believe it too? We present gardens from different countries and have a story to tell of each one. Come with us!

Among our features and series, we have such a variety of gardens and landscape designs.  Each is a reflection of the characteristics of the owner or the country. They are exciting, imaginative, creative…

In Tuscany

This modern villa stands on the sloping hills of Tuscany. The architecture’s flat roof, columns, and puristic colors are traditional in the area. The elegant garden shows the green of cypresses and olive trees playing harmoniously with the bright blue sky. Right in the center of the grounds lies a hammock that beckons for you to go on holiday.

> Sloping Grounds


In the Heart of England

The old rectory from the 18th century offers enough space for visitors, family, and friends. Living in this charming two-story house in the Cotswolds is a talented garden/interior designer and her husband. The garden and grounds are spacious and remarkable. There is even a large swimming pool turned into a private oasis by sheltering trees and shrubs.

> Full of Life


In East Frisia

Standing in the center of a lush garden you will find this Nordic thatched house. The antique cottage was built in 1650 in the vast north of Germany. It has been owned by the same family ever since. The garden is decorated with weeping willows, age-old plants, and forged paths. It’s rich history can be felt throughout the East Frisian property.

> Lush cottage garden


In Norrland, Sweden

This lush garden with lots of green invites you to socialize. Under huge birch trees, you will find a unique outdoor kitchen made of recycled materials. The Swedes Viveka and Christer have designed the garden and the robust construction to withstand the long winters of Norrland. The sole highlight that makes this garden enchanting is its outdoor kitchen in the countryside.

> Outdoor Cooking


Outside of Sydney

Annie and her husband Henry poured their hearts into reviving a neglected garden in Australia. Together they built up the farm now known as “Kimbri”. The farmhouse possesses a rural charm that creates a feeling of comfort and well-being. In an adjoining barn, Annie teaches her art classes. Their garden is filled with fruit trees whose fruit will be used to make jams. The olive grove provides their family with delicious olives and olive oil!

> Farmhouse “Kimbri”


Here you can look around in all the gardens!


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