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How to snack now – Popcorn Deluxe

Coconut-cinnamon, chili-lime, brown sugar-lavender or with linseed and sesame? These creative taste combinations keep popcorn at the top of our favorite snack list!

The use of popcorn goes far beyond a night at the cinema or watching a movie at home. At trade fairs the puffed corn circulates as a branded advertising medium. At the street food market we get creative dishes with a crispy popcorn finish, and at garden parties popcorn is served as a snack with an aperitif.

More and more flavors are appearing! It’s not just sweet or salty anymore. Popcorn is refined in new, trendy variations created with natural flavors. In addition, these new popcorn snacks are low in calories and are produced with little fat.

Spicy popcorn

The new popcorn trends are healthy, but never the less tasty. On the contrary, our hearty favorites are thyme popcorn, tea-lime popcorn and anything that brings a little fire such as chili-lime popcorn with kale or salty popcorn with chili and coriander. With these special combinations, chips no longer stand a chance. The crunchy nibble factor is retained.

Is there a popcorn  flavor named after an entire dish? There is! Who dares to try Peanut Thai curry popcorn?

Sweet Snack

Those who belong to the “Sweet Popcorn” team may not be quite as low in calories, but they also have evolved into creative combinations. Coconut-cinnamon popcorn, popcorn with brown sugar and lavender and caramel-vanilla popcorn are a few of the new highlights.


Healthy popcorn, with natural flavors, in new taste combinations…

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