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New at StockFood: Photographer Wa-Bam – A Couple Searching for Lightness and Joie de Vivre

Wa-Bam – this is Callie and Jacob “Jake” Blount. The photographer duo from the southern United States wants to radiate lightness and joie de vivre with their pictures.


Wa-Bam: Callie and Jacob live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. © Wa-Bam

The Name

Wa-Bam – what kind of name is that? It came to them randomly. Jake still remembers this exact moment today:

We were working so much and it kind of started feeling like a job, not the fun and interesting career we had begun.

So we laughed and said: What if we called it something fun and really non-professional like Wa-Bam there it is. And we just loved it!


The Style

Just like the name Wa-Bam, their photographs are bright and cheerful. Callie, a food stylist for almost ten years, always chooses a natural style that focuses on the authenticity of her food creations. Jake’s goal is to create images that are as vivid as possible, that evoke emotions and tell stories.

They live in Nashville, Tennessee. Both were born and raised in the southeast of the USA, where good food is appreciated and celebrated. They have always been fascinated by the natural beauty of food. During their shoots, they like to play with the light and try to capture the typical mood of the hot summers in the Deep South.

How It All Began

It all started on a normal date. Callie and Jake went out together and realized very quickly that they had common interests in the food industry. After training to be a journalist, Callie began working as an art director for a garden magazine. During that time, Jake was a musician who occasionally assisted one of his friends that is a food photographer.

Callie came into gardening and food through her work for Flower Magazine and was enthusiastic about their natural beauty. She started to train as a food stylist.

When she finally started her food blog, the three friends met more often for joint projects. Jake assisted and learned many fascinating photography tricks about the special lighting and other special techniques of shooting food. Soon he picked up the camera himself and professionally photographed Callies creations. This is how the married couple came up with the idea of combining their two strengths as a well-rehearsed team.

What They Love

They are a duo that complements each other perfectly: Callie loves funny, light and sweet food. With her creations, she wants to evoke feelings like fun, love, and hospitality. Jake, songwriter and lead guitarist for accompanying quirky rock that characterizes his love for pop and blues, appreciates hearty and unique dishes.

As a musician, he travels a lot and is in search of the culture and the authentic local cuisine in every new city. He noticed that music and food have a wonderful relationship with each other. Music can create a sense of community as a meal can in a cheerful, jovial group. That welcoming feeling is reflected in Wa-Bam’s images. When you look at her photos, you want to grab a seat at the table!

Here you can find Wa-Bam at StockFood!

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