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It’s a Round Thing: We are Running Smoothly!

We are saying no to sharp edges and strict lines! Our new favorites are bends and curves. Round shapes are currently experiencing an impressive comeback in the world of home and living.

Regardless of the furnishing style or current trends, cuddly curved shapes should be integrated into every interior. The soft and curved lines bring pure harmony into a home. The round shapes make the rooms look balanced, natural, and cozy all around – in the truest sense of the phrase.

Due to its original shape furniture looks angular and massive. Large rectangular dining tables, the classic wall mirror, and huge living landscapes appear softer when given rounded corners.


Where Does the Preference for Round Shapes Come From?

Evolution has instilled a natural fear of sharp corners and edges that are anchored within us. Pointed objects remind us of predatory teeth, poisonous spines, thorns, and dangerous rock formations. One misstep could mean the end. On the other hand, round shapes convey a sense of security. They evoke pleasant feelings and remind us of familiar things such as the sun and moon.


Retro Aesthetics as Homage to the 50s and 60s

After the horrors of the world wars, there was a longing for security and harmony. It was expressed in the 50s and 60s of the last century, through stylized furniture and accessories with a round look. This brought us design classics such as the famous kidney table and the designs by the Danish chair designer Arne Jacobsen, who gave his creations funny names like the ant, swan, and egg. Also unforgettable are the tulip and bag lamps of that time and the cozy cocktail chairs. All these timeless classics are currently experiencing a renaissance.


Setting Accents with Round Accessories

Round forms create a special effect in a modern interior. The shape brings excitement to the clean style. Contrasting circular bowls, bulbous vases, round cushions, candle holders, picture frames, end tables, and poufs become eye-catchers in a modern ambiance. Luminaires with spherical and cylindrical shades create an atmosphere. Whether on the wallpaper, curtains or carpet, decorative patterns with dots and circles create effective counterweights to straight lines in the room.


Don’t be shy! Anything can be round. There are no limits to your imagination. Our absolute favorite: huge porthole windows! This unusual view opens up completely new perspectives.

It’s going great here!



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