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Lashes – An eye-catching Beauty Trend

About 14,910,200 Instagram images use the hashtag #lashes. After luscious eyebrows, conspicuous eyelashes are now on trend. The beauty scene talks about dramatic eyelashes and how to get them. We’ll show you!

Designers present them on the runways, we see them on the stars as well as in magazines: expressive eyelashes, as long as possible. On Pinterest, the pins for lashes have increased by 152 percent over the past year. Here are four ways to implement this trend:


Serums or gels are suitable for supporting your own eyelashes and stimulating their growth. To use them, apply like mascara. The ingredients activate natural growth and make the hair look thicker and longer over time. Nourishing oils can also be used as eyelash miracle products. With this product, however, you have to use on a daily basis – regularity determines the result.


Long, dense and with the perfect bow – this only works with artificial eyelashes. Fake lashes can be applied, with a little patience, by yourself – but they only last for one day. Alternatively, eyelash extensions offer the perfect lash look for three to four weeks. They fall out with the natural growth cycle and must then be re-applied. For best results, go to a professional beautician or lash stylist.


The most striking form of fake eyelashes are art lashes. In addition to black and thick dramatic styles or eyelashes with rhinestones, they are also available as colored or glittering eyelashes. The result looks like true artwork and is more suitable for parties or special occasions.


Softer and more natural looking are treatments that enhance your own hair. To form your own eyelashes into a beautiful bow, eyelash lifting is effective. The eyelashes are shaped with a silicone pad and then get dyed.  The eyelash stylist gives the hairs a permanent wave, so to speak. The beautiful look lasts for about six weeks.

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