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Home-Detox: The ultimate detox treatment for your Home

Detox your home and experience an immediate feeling of well being. Cleaning, clearing and sorting are calling!

Home Detox is the latest interiors insider tip! What does that mean? We need to clear away our clutter and unused items to provide clear lines in our homes.  You can create storage concepts in idle spaces: create a shoe rack that fits neatly under the stairs, and boxes offer valuable storage space.

The process of clearing can be difficult at the beginning, try starting with colours:  A colour-sorted bookshelf or an organized wardrobe works wonders! Whether decluttering or creating new order structures, from now on keep your living space pure and clean. But don’t wait too long: it’s better to cuddle up in a cosy home without the weight of clutter!

Discover how beautiful tidiness can be – storage space solutions and DIY tips included!

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