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Naturally Comfortable: How to Furnish & Live Sustainably

During these weeks we are all forced to spend more time at home. This is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the sustainability of your home. How can you implement this lifestyle into your house? It is quite simple, furnish your home more consciously. More specifically, choose sustainable materials. Our best tip to do this is to reuse and recycle by making something new from something old! Make yourself comfortable!

Sustainable Living

Sustainability works on a large scale as well as on a small one. It all depends on the right materials and techniques, whether it’s a climate-friendly renovation of an old building, a modern new building, or a living room makeover.

We will show you homeowners and residents whose homes are sustainable and at the same time excitingly beautiful, from passive houses in Germany to eco-construction with solar panels in Australia. Natural, regional materials such as slate or bricks are the best choice.  Strategically placed windows sit on climate-friendly clay walls to make clever use of the sun’s heat. The atmosphere is created by recycled wooden beams and environmentally friendly colors. Build, renovate, and furnish in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Decorating

A beautiful interior derives from stylish decor and clever accessories. Colorful do-it-yourself beeswax clothes and other decorative elements made from organic materials instead of plastic are steps in the right direction.

Carpets made with natural fibers such as sisal, wool, or jute give rooms a pleasant warmth. Give fabrics a special touch by dying them with natural dyes made from hydrangea blossoms, onions, and beetroot. Lovingly restored flea market treasures become unique decorative pieces. In trend: furniture with recycled fishing nets or scraps from kitchen countertops like marble, granite, and quartz are used to create a powerful finish. Recycling, upgrading, and breathing new life into antiques is all done by hand.

Sustainable Gardening

The principles behind making things environmentally friendly and conserving resources are good for the garden too. The potential for sustainability sprouts in this self-sufficient paradise.

Nature is the focus of the day when you are in the garden. That’s why it’s best to avoid environmentally harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers altogether. Practical tips from your grandmother’s time offer proven natural alternatives. Do-it-yourself projects turn these principles into reality. Classic raised garden beds look extremely stylish when they are made from recyclable pallets. Experienced gardening professionals provide great tips and ideas for your sustainable oasis from a small herb garden on the windowsill to cultivating organic vegetables.


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