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New at StockFood: Photographer Maria Squires

Her grandmother taught her that eating is art. To this day, Maria Squires is curious about different flavors from different cultures and new takes on old recipes. Learn more!


Maria Squires took this self-portrait.

As the granddaughter of two chefs, Maria Squires grew up as a gourmet with a great love for food. Her grandmother spoiled her with baking. Birthday cakes, honey cottage cheese balls, and angel wings were Maria’s childhood favorites. The latter is a traditional, sweet, crispy pastry in which dough is formed into thin twisted strips, fried, and sprinkled with confectionary sugar.

Maria’s grandmother experimented with food. She would create something completely new from an existing recipe and open it up to more possibilities. Our photographer sees food as art and has a curious soul. She is adventurous and uses her curiosity to keep trying new things.  She follows in her grandmother’s footsteps by recreating old recipes.

On her travels, Maria Squires likes to try different cuisines from different cultures. When she first visited Munich, she discovered “Kaiserschmarrn.”  Since then, it has become her favorite pancake recipe.


Her Path to Food Photography

When Maria got married, her life changed completely. She moved to the USA and started a family. She began to develop a greater sense of self and observed the world around her with great detail. Eventually, these changes begged the question, “What do I really want to do in life?”

I wanted to be able to capture the light that brings this world to life, shapes stories, awakens hopes, and fulfills dreams.

Maria Squires followed her love for food and her growing love for light. She brought them together through food photography.


Her Image Style

Finding and accepting her own photographic style has taken Maria on a journey. Sometimes she gets lost in the “sea of the great work of others” and finds creativity that inspires her heart.  Maria’s attention to detail allows her to use sophisticated elements that create a mood.  When brought together those elements help to create an image that brings forth emotion. It is the details and the emotion that we see reflected in her photography.

Sometimes her images are unpredictable. Sometimes they are close up or in a minimalist style, but Maria Squires usually creates bright compositions with natural light. The photographer loves to experiment. She wants to show that she is versatile and will try any style.

The photographer works for small local brands. She likes to work with people and bring their visions and ideas to life creatively. In the future, she is hoping to take on bigger projects.

When she isn’t cooking or shooting, she spends time with her family. Taking pictures of her children is quite a challenge. They have a lot of energy and can barely stand still for five seconds. Maria also likes to read books about “self-development and growth.”  They help her to find her inner peace (and to stay well organized).


Here are the images of our new photographer Marina Squires


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