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New: Special Filter for Copy Space

Quickly Search for Images That Have Space for Your Text

Are you looking for an image with space for your text? Do you already know exactly where you want to place it? With our improved text space filter, you can now search for photos with the right space for your text! With just one click you get the perfect selection.

No matter where you need it- whether it is top left, bottom right or directly in the middle, our new filter leads you to the photos that leave room for your message.

How does it work? Our Copy Space Filter divides the photo into nine sections. You choose the precise location on the image where you want your text to be placed. The filter does the rest for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a book cover, calendar, or an advertising campaign that perfectly accentuates your text. Our professional image search will help you find the ideal image for your project.


Discover our new Text Space Filter


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