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Beloved Old Buildings

Old buildings are full of personality and charm. Their presence helps to characterize many large cities. They are often built during the turn of the century, back in a time when houses were built not just for functionality, but with a love for detail.

Here, we share with you images and photo series showing the diversity of each of these old buildings. The most common styles and characteristics of older buildings consist of tall ceilings, large windows, wainscoting, old doors, ornate fixtures, valuable stucco, parquet floors, French doors, open fireplaces, and lavish balconies.

Typical Old Building

How do you utilize everything in this perfect space? How do you make a palace with high walls “hyggelig”?  How do you combine tradition with modernity and personal style?

Our furnishing ideas offer many possibilities. Even in a rented apartment, anyone who is struggling with their new living space can get a lot closer to their dream home! We’ll show you how to succeed with our decor and do-it-yourself ideas such as decorative door trim, a nostalgic wallpaper, faux wainscoting, the obligatory chandelier and the fireplace dummy with a sea of candles.

Ideas & Do-It-Yourself

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