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A Journey to Where the Leopards Live – We are Going on Safari

Leopards in the wild and safari styles in natural tones is the theme of this selection of images. We invite you to dream and let wanderlust take hold.

Have you ever been on safari? If not, you can do it here. We have set out on (Picture- Safari) and present you with shots of wilderness and grasslands!

The Animal World

This includes impressive pictures of animals in the wild. Wild animals such as Namaqua chameleon, a baby leopard, a proud lioness, meerkats, as well as giraffes, zebras, and elephants are photographed close up.

The Look

When going on safari you should dress in airy cotton, functional materials, or linen. Safari clothing is generally in light tones since mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors and loud tones could make wild animals nervous. The safari look is a mix of earth tones such as beige, sand, brown and green. You will find that a hat is an accessory that you simply cannot do without.
The pictures of our models show that safari excursions provide the perfect backdrop for fashion shoots. Jeeps, campsites, and wide landscapes present dream-like sceneries for which the dress code is often kept a bit looser. Silk, glittering details, and brown leather complement the outfits stylishly.


Go on safari with our impressive pictures!


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