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From our French Collection: Pleasure in abundance

The mini glass with the light mousse and a delicate raspberry, and the thin slice of carpaccio – have both had their time! Now is the time of culinaric abundance.

We want generosity, a wealth of color, and many fine ingredients. When it comes to cooking and culinary photography, abundance is back in style. After years of light eating, clean eating and “diet food” we are back at a time where dining tables are richly laid. Whole fish are served with three or four different kinds of vegetables. Rich salads are prepared with meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains. Stacks of pancakes are decorated with jam and whipped cream. Last but certainly not least, cakes are beautifully decorated with cream, fruit, and chocolate.

The “Bistronomy” trend, Supper Clubs, and “Balagan” are also part of this trend. Gastronomic development is moving towards a more generous, richer cuisine that promotes community and conviviality, among other things.

We like seeing tables that are loaded and colorful, where all the dishes are mixed, from the starter to the dessert. We multiply flavors and keep adding more.  We infuse different country’s cuisines with one another and change our habits. Being happy together is the goal of eating together. We like to add more and more to make eating a joyful occasion once more.

See here the pleasure of abundance from our French Collection “PhotoCuisine”

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