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Sandwiches Deluxe

On Instagram you find over five million pics with the hashtag #sandwich. We show you that this is way more than a simple snack with two slices of bread. Here are the deluxe versions!

You can say that sandwiches are of a royal origin. The dish supposedly dates back to the 4th Earl of Sandwich, nobleman John Montagu. Since he couldn’t find the time to eat while playing cribbage for hours, he had his meal served handily – between two slices of bread. The original version of a sandwich consisted of a slice of salted beef between two slices of toast.

Nowadays, a sandwich is way more than that! Whether it is a sushi sandwich, a pita sandwich with grilled veggies or a beetroot salad for take away – the combos and bread slices vary, but are always healthy and creative.

Wow, those are some yummy sandwiches – see for yourself!


Cover: StockFood / Uta Gleiser Photography/ #12427382


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