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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Photos

It is one of life’s most beautiful days: the wedding day. It is unique, special, and irretrievable. A day on which an incredible amount of things happen and on which one is usually very excited. Photos are a great way to keep the memory of this wonderful day with your loved one alive forever. But how can you be successful in creating the perfect wedding photos? Here are some helpful tips for you.

How Do You Take Perfect Wedding Photos?

  • The Preparation

Good planning is everything. First of all, you should agree on what is important to you. For some couples, photos lovingly taken by an amateur photographer, like their best friend, is the best way to remember the day. They usually know the couple and the guests well, enabling everyone to laugh happily and be relaxed with the camera. This allows them to casually accompany the wedding party during the whole celebration. Their commitment becomes a unique wedding gift for the bridal couple.

On the other hand, most of us marry only once. If you are looking for special, perfectly illuminated, and beautifully composed photos, a professional must be involved. Even then, the chemistry must be right!

  • The Right Photographer

Friends will often recommend a photographer with whom they have had good experiences. Word of mouth is a good sign in any case. Nevertheless, you should take the time to get to know the person behind the camera. After all, they should make you appear in the best light on your most important day. That’s why you must like him. If you feel uncomfortable, it will be visible in the photos.

Have them show you their work from other weddings. This will help you decide if you like their style, and you can see if you are on the same wavelength. Ask them about their approach. Find out whether they will respect your wishes or if it is just a routine. In short, you must have an all-round good feeling about them. Important: Take care and book a wedding photographer with plenty of lead time. They are often fully booked during the busy wedding season.

  • Consciously Take Time for the Shoot

Once everyone has reached an agreement, it is best if the couple and photographer visit the locations where the photos are to be taken before the big event and discuss possible motifs. This way, the photographer can adjust to the conditions and lighting and plan to bring the appropriate equipment. On the day itself, allow for a generous amount of time for the shoot. This will ensure that the photographer and the bridal couple are not rushed.

It is best to organize an activity for the guests for the duration of the photo session to keep them from getting bored. Be sure to strongly request that they do not accompany the professional shoot with their cameras. This is distracting, unsettling, and simply annoying. If it is possible, try to plan to have the pictures taken in the afternoon or twilight. The light is warmer and more harmonious then, making it the best time of the day for photos.

  • Presenting Your Best Side

The fact that you have hired a professional has one decisive advantage above all else: You can be sure that even if you normally don’t like to be photographed, they will succeed in skillfully bringing out your best side. And don’t you know which side is your best side? If this is not the case, look at some older photos of yourself.  Soon you will find out in which one you like best.

  • Loosen Up Again and Again

During the shoot, it helps to lift your chin a little bit. It will make your neck look more elegant and slimmer. From time to time, loosen the neck and facial muscles. If you are too tense, your lips will appear thin and wrinkles will appear on your forehead. Avoid forcing your smile.  It makes most people squint their eyes. It is also important to maintain good posture by standing upright. Chest out, belly in, is always an effective way to achieve a straight posture. Finally, a professional can work with filters and retouch images to help you get the best results with your pictures.

  • Trust the Professional Photographer

Trust the photographer. They are professionals and know exactly what they are doing. They won’t take embarrassing photos of you. Be open to their ideas. You will find that spontaneous photos are among the best of the day. Above all, have fun during the session. After all, it is your day! You have planned everything. Relax and enjoy being the center of a professional shoot. When else, if not today, are you the star?

  • Remain Natural and Authentic

You must remain authentic during the session. Use natural make-up, avoid excessive color. Stay relaxed. Posing always looks fake. Consciously enjoy the beautiful moment you are in. The best recipe is to always look deep into your partner’s eyes. After all, Love is the reason why wedding photos are always so radiant and beautiful. This innocent happiness alone leads to wonderful photos.

  • Snapshots of the Guests as Bonus Package

Your friend, the hobby photographer, can still take pictures throughout the celebration. Since they know the guests well, they will be able to capture many special moments. Disposable cameras are also very popular with guests, and you can simply place them on the tables. This way, individual snapshots are taken and after your big day, you can experience your celebration through the eyes of your guests. Memories are priceless.

Our Inspirations for Wonderful Wedding Photos

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