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Trendy Leather Furniture Accessories

Hardly any other material radiates as much style and elegance as genuine leather. That’s why it’s currently trending in the realm of home and living. The rule is: less is more.

It doesn’t have to be a classic full leather sofa to get the look. Instead, a cozy pouf invites you to snuggle up. The latest trend is smart leather accessories for your furniture. It can be the handles on cabinet doors, a modern wall clock with leather hands or a DIY wardrobe with leather loops. These lovingly designed details give the interior a touch of something unique.


Perfect Combination: Leather with Natural Materials

Leather is beautiful when its combined with wood. Seats upholstered with leather give chairs a special touch.  A solid wood bed becomes more refined with a leather headboard. This perfect blend of natural materials creates coziness and comfort. Not only that but natural materials are playing an increasingly important role in furnishing our living spaces. As the desire for sustainability in our everyday lives grows the need to use only natural materials increases as well.


Decorative Elements: An Eye-Catcher with a Touch of Extravagance

Leather decor offers unlimited possibilities. They can be placed anywhere and are eye-catchers. These accessories are luxurious and modern at the same time. Minimalist magazine holders that are simply straps fastened directly to the wall, coffee table books placed in elegant leather jackets and fine silver cutlery presented in the leather case and simply elegant decorative cushions. It’s these little touches that add extravagance and individuality to your home.


Important: Regular Leather Care

Very important: Even the smallest leather details and decorative elements need the right care. Smooth leather is particularly easy to care for, so wiping with a dry or slightly damp duster once a week is often sufficient. Nubuck or suede leather can be carefully cleaned with mild soapy water. However, never soak the leather thoroughly and always carefully dab it dry with a wool cloth. Roughen suede leather with a fine rubber brush or fine sandpaper.


Indispensable: Use Leather Care Products Regularly

There are products available to suit every type of leather since the natural material loses moisture and fat over time. These elements must be replenished to help the leather keep its elasticity. The more vigilant you are with the care, the longer the leather will last and become even more beautiful with time!


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