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Blue jeans: Timeless, Versatile, and Beloved

Blue jeans are timeless and yet always contemporary. The world’s most versatile trousers began their triumphal procession around the globe almost 150 years ago. Read on to learn more about the famous trousers.

In 1873 the Franconian immigrant and fabric merchant Levi Strauss and the Riga-born tailor Jacob Davis applied for their patent on blue jeans in San Francisco. Since then, the durable and versatile denim trousers have been an indispensable part of our wardrobe. Blue jeans always show a flattering figure, no matter the color, shape, or cut!

Who Invented the Blue Jeans?

How were they created? A resourceful Bavarian had his hands in it. The enterprising textile merchant Levi Strauss, who had once emigrated from Franconia to the American west coast, came into contact with many gold diggers in the America of the late 19th century in his trade for haberdashery and fabrics. He noticed that this had an enormous wear on trousers. Workers often walked around with severely torn garments. He soon realized that they needed trousers made of extremely durable material, preferably with many pockets for their various small tools.

Thick Denim, Rivets, and Orange Sewing Thread

At first, Strauss experimented with trousers made of brown tarp fabric, as worn by sailors in Genoa. The French name for Genoa “Gênes” finally became the name Jeans. However, this fabric was not yet robust enough for the gold diggers. Strauss then discovered the robust blue cotton fabric denim, which had been produced in the southern French city of Nimes during the 16th century. In collaboration with the tailor Jacob Davis, the trousers were made with extra-strong, orange sewing thread and reinforced with six rivets on the pockets. This was the birth of blue jeans.

The Perfect Trousers for Every Figure

Today, they are available in a wide variety of styles. From working trousers to designer pieces blue jeans have made it onto the catwalks of the world. They are still very popular for their strength and versatility. What’s great about this garment is that there is a perfect pair of jeans for almost every figure. It all depends on finding the right cut. It is not so much about hiding certain “problem zones”. Instead, with a well-chosen pair of jeans, you can perfectly show off your features in the right light.

From Skinny Jeans to Carrot, and Stretch Jeans

Skinny jeans, for example, are best at showing off the long legs of tall, slim women. Jeans with flared legs make the silhouette look curvier. High or slanted back trouser pockets model the bottom, wide trousers make it flatter. If you want to distract from the belly, hipsters and slightly flared legs will give the best effect. Dark jeans also make you look slimmer. Carrot-shaped jeans, on the other hand, emphasize the thighs. If you want to conceal this, pants with a high stretch content and low waist height are recommended. Bootcut makes small women look taller. The possibilities are almost endless.

If you want to create an individual designer piece, you can spice up your favorite piece with sequins or colorful fabrics. Anything you like is allowed. 150 years ago, when Strauss and Davis invented these new types of pants, they were so popular it was as if they were being torn from their hands. The enthusiasm hasn’t slowed down since.


Here you will find the hottest blue jean styles.

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