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Blue Planet

Man is on a break – and the planet breathes again. Blue lagoons, less rubbish, a significant improvement in air quality wherever there are exit restrictions, and industrial production has been severely restricted: In fact, the environment is visibly recovering during the global corona crisis. Our photographs show us the beauty of our earth from the air.

Since long journeys by car and plane are currently being canceled, many people are switching to bicycles and rediscovering their immediate surroundings outside of their doorstep. Nevertheless, the longing for distant destinations remains. Our photographers shorten the waiting time with fresh arrivals from India, Venice, and Copenhagen. Dreaming must be allowed…


Discovery Tour on Two Wheels

Cycling, alone or in pairs, is becoming increasingly popular during these times. So we explore our immediate surroundings from a completely new perspective. A positive side-effect: the movement is good for body and soul.


India by Eva Huber

Emotional balance is important in times of crisis. Our photographer Eva Huber visited the most prominent holy places in India while on her many pilgrimages. She managed to capture the warming inner light and the special spiritual strength of this great country.


Venice by Bethel Fath

The lagoon-like city benefits from the absence of daily tourist flow. For the first time in years, the water in the famous canals of Venice is crystal clear again. Bethel Fath shows the almost deserted streets and squares of the Italian tourist metropolis.


Copenhagen by Lukas Zandecki

Brand new at lookphotos we welcome the polish photographer, Lukas Zandecki. With his cheerful and bright visual language, he presents the most beautiful corners of Copenhagen. This colorful venture through the Danish capital fills us with optimistic confidence.

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