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Burda Runs Challenge 2020: Image Professionals Run for a Good Cause

Having fun, exercising, and collecting donations: The image professionals were on the road for a good cause. Step by step – in the truest sense of the word – our running team members collected money for children in need.

Burda Employees Run All Over Germany

In the “Burda Runs Challenge 2020” campaign, all Burda employees throughout Germany were called upon to put on their running shoes on the 16th of July. Image Professionals has been part of the Hubert Burda Media company since 2016, so taking part was an honor. The Munich-based media publisher is converting every kilometer run into a donation to the Tribute to Bambi Foundation, which supports child protection organizations throughout Germany.

Running Together is a Good Team Tradition

Jan from the sales team thought the campaign was great. “It is a good tradition that we in the Image Professionals team take part in sporting events together from time to time. It’s all the better that this time we were able to generate donations at the same time.” Joining him from the sales team was Christina, Margarita, Melanie, Anika, and Vanessa. Horst put on his running shoes for the IT department.

On the Road for a Good Cause

The common starting point for most of the runners was the Image Professionals office in Munich’s Tumblinger Strasse. From there the troop set off in the direction of the Isar to run along the river, of course at a suitable distance. “It was a great feeling to start such a joint action as a team, and for a good cause as well,” said Christina. Since so many sports had just fallen by the wayside because of Corona, she took the Burda Charity Run as a welcome opportunity to motivate herself. And Sabine, who was working at her home office that day, simply left home for a relaxing round in the forest for the good cause. After all, it didn’t matter where the run took place – every kilometer counted.

Kilometres Run Directly Converted into Donations

Unfortunately, the weather did not really play along during the run in Munich, but our fundraisers were not put off by this. “Better to be on the road with a little rain than in the biggest summer heat,” said Anika. On average, each of the colleagues covered an average of five to seven kilometers, which was reported to the organizers at Burda via a running app to convert the distance run directly into a donation.

Cozy End with Pizza and Wine

Soaking wet, but very satisfied with themselves, the brave runners finally returned to the office to finish the evening in the comfortable Image Professionals cafeteria with pizza, beer, and wine. In recognition, each participant even received a small medal of honor. As many team members are currently working in their home offices, the colleagues who were traveling together in Munich particularly enjoyed meeting and exchanging ideas. Everyone agreed: “That was a cool team event.”

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