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Coated – An Oversized Statement

Oh, how cuddly! Winter is approaching and finally, it’s time for stylish coats. A beautifully wrapped woman not only gets through the cold days well but can also make a fashion statement at the same time. How remarkably practical!

What’s hot in the 2019/2020 coat season? First of all, they can’t be flashy enough this winter. In other words, everything is oversized, colorful, and extremely long. One thing is certain you can’t miss these fashionable defenses against cold and rain. Nothing is subtle. Everything is wide and bulky with bold colors and daring patterns.

This trend offers taller ladies a clear advantage. The eye-catching and sweeping XXL pieces flatter taller women. On the other hand, the shorter ladies run the risk of drowning in the oversized styles. It helps to emphasize the waist with a stylish belt and to wear shoes that have a tall heel. If you need a little help visually stretching your figure use monochromatic combinations. Wear a complete outfit in similar shades of the coat to elongate your look. Narrow jeans and playful skirts and dresses act as a successful counterpart to the oversized trend.

Here we present some of the hottest styles for the coming colder months.


Our favorite coat trends of the season

  • The Down Coat

Down coats are a perfect fit with the XXL trend. It’s an ideal material based on its natural fullness alone. The cut is a little wider, and it can be calf length.  It’s even been given a stylish name- Long Puffer Coat. Different quilting patterns ensure variety. Dark colors guarantee that the piece can still be worn next season.  If you like it more colorful, you’ll find hip bright colors. A trendsetter won’t be able to avoid a down coat this season. The best part isn’t that it’s fully in line with the trend, but that it will keep you as warm as possible. Gone are the days when people would get blue lips at the Christmas market from wearing their stylish, but the far too short jacket. Despite the efforts of the mulled wine.


  • The Plush One

Hooray, they’re back! Teddy coats make you happy. With their soft as velvet exterior, they remind us of our favorite cuddly toy from our childhood days and convey a feeling of security and warmth. This winter they are shown more colorful, whereas last season they were mostly in black and brown tones. Royal blue, rust red or neon green are guaranteed to attract attention. But be careful. Plush coats are not exactly flattering on most figures due to their voluminous fabric.


  • The Floor-Length

The longer, the better. The maximum length of this coat reaches at least mid-calf or even to the ankles. As the name suggests, floor-length coats can end just a few centimeters above the floor. A straight cut usually gives this style a masculine touch, portraying strong shoulders.


  • The Classic in Leather

A classic experiences a revival. Whether its smooth leather, suede or even vinyl, the long leather coat conquers the street again. While the variations of the timeless leather trench coat form tend to come in dark and muted colors, the vinyl coats focus on bright and shiny reds and pinks. If you wear such an eye-catcher, you might want to take it easy with the rest of your outfit.


  • The Pattern Boy

With strong patterns, you are guaranteed to attract attention. Classic elegant use of patterns such as houndstooth, glen check, or gingham will probably never go out of fashion. However, this season’s checks are oversized. As an alternative, choose striking patterns such as geometric shapes, large flowers, or whimsical prints. If you’re still not satisfied, you can also spice up the large patterned coats with funky fringes or wild color combinations. That’s how you become a show stopper.

All these specimens have one thing in common: Whoever wears them will attract everyone’s gaze.  I promise!


Trendy coats for every occasion

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