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Cooking Oasis with Style: Our Recipe for the Perfect Eat-In Kitchen

Take shapely furniture, practical shelves, storage aids, decorative accessories, and garnish it all with a touch of coziness: the homey cooking paradise is ready!  We have the ingredients to make a stylish kitchen for every taste, whether modern minimalism, casual industrial style, or contemporary country house charm.


Modern Minimalism

Straightforward and excitingly beautiful – that is the modern minimalist kitchen. High-quality materials, sophisticated color combinations, and special details prevent even monochrome designs from looking bland. Cabinets and shelves in smoky green tones, matt black, or charcoal set the tone. Cabinet doors with geometric details are especially trendy, making even the simplest cabinets a designer piece. Those who prefer a more colorful look will opt for soft nude tones with terracotta or mauve elements. Metallic accents, such as a kitchen backsplash and purist brass fittings become a welcomed change from chrome and tiles. Walls in warm shades of grey and beige are the perfect stage for unique lighting, abstract art prints, and decorative picture moldings.


Casual Industrial Style

An industrial-style kitchen with a strong character is just the right thing for all those who attach particular importance on keeping things real and down-to-earth. Rough wood surfaces, durable leather details, exposed brick walls, and cool metal characterize this high-contrast look. Floors made of concrete, brick, or natural stone tiles form the foundation, while open shelves made of steel with wooden boxes and metal baskets create order. To ensure it doesn’t look too cool suspend large industrial luminaires above the dining table or the kitchen island to act as a warming counterpoint. They will bathe the room in a pleasant light creating a casual coziness.


Contemporary Country House Charm

Light shades of cream, delicate gray, or classic blue nuances, natural materials, and charming details provide a rural flair in the domestic cooking oasis. Traditional coffered fronts, ceramic sinks, handmade tiles, and decorative details such as moldings and shell hardware make up the typical country house look. Dishes become a special focal point on stylish plate shelves or in display cases. Benches with discreetly integrated storage space or airy Windsor chairs are the perfect match for this look. The classic stable with the typical spindle backrest gives the kitchen a contemporary country house charm. Functional and wonderfully cozy.


Our Inspirations for the Perfect Eat-In Kitchen


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