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Dalgona Coffee – The 2020 Coffee Trend

Discover Dalgona Coffee – the coffee trend of the year! Do you slurp on foam or do you lick it off your spoon with pleasure? No matter how you prefer to enjoy your coffee, we have a wonderful new type for you to try.

Crown of Coffee Foam

Dalgona Coffee puts you in a good mood! The trend drink of 2020 is not only easy to prepare yourself, but it also looks great thanks to its two-tone appearance. It consists of two sharply separated layers where the sweet, brown coffee foam floats on delicious white milk. The secret of the new specialty coffee lies precisely in this foam. Instant coffee, sugar, and hot water are whipped in equal parts and distributed on top of the milk. The result is a somewhat inverted cappuccino with an aesthetic foam crown. Its texture is reminiscent of stiffly whipped cream. This is why the froth is so delightfully spoonable, making our coffee break twice as much fun.

Our Recipe for Dalgona Coffee

For one portion of this smart trend drink, only simple ingredients are needed:

  • 4 teaspoons of ground, soluble coffee (instant coffee)
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
  • 4 teaspoons of hot water
  • 200 ml milk

The best way to prepare it is to use a traditional hand-held immersion blender, but a simple whisk will also do. Mix all ingredients except the milk in a bowl and beat until the foam is stiff and creamy. Arrange the mixture directly on the milk. Lastly, garnish it with cookie crumbs, coffee, or cocoa powder according to your taste. Then the trendy drink is ready.

Who Invented It?

Dalgona Coffee owes its triumphal march to a South Korean television show. At the beginning of the year, South Korean actor Jung Il-woo made Dalgona Coffee himself in front of the camera. He had discovered the reverse cappuccino in a café in Macau, China. The drink has been successfully served there since the beginning of the millennium. It probably goes back to the Indian “Beaten Coffee.” In this case, however, the coffee foam made of instant coffee and sugar is first added to the glass, the hot milk is topped up, and everything is mixed. The elaborate coffee foam of the drink in Macau and the taste reminded the actor of the South Korean sweet Dalgona, caramel toffee with coffee aroma. This sweet is also available as street food cookies on a stick named Ppopgi.

The Trend Spreads via Social Media

Jung IL-woo was so fascinated by his discovery in Macau that he presented the drink as Dalgona Coffee on South Korean television. The viewers were as enthusiastic as he was. The video of his performance went viral. It was followed by videos of recipes on all social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He even developed his own internet challenge. Under the hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge or #dalgonacoffee, millions of people worldwide have since filmed themselves mixing and enjoying Dalgona Coffee themselves.

Individual Variations

There is a large number of variations of this drink. For example, the cold version is extremely popular. Here, the head of froth sits on cold milk and ice cubes – refreshing! Instead of white sugar, try brown sugar or sugar substitutes such as erythritol or xylitol. However, the foam is not quite as firm. Cinnamon or cardamom can be used as an aromatic spice, and those with a sweet tooth can refine their drink with chocolate sprinkles. By the way, you can, of course, use any milk alternative from soy, oats, or almond. The most important thing is that the main ingredients for the foam are in three equal parts. Only then can it be whipped up nicely.

Alternatives: Dalgona Espresso or Dalgona Cocoa

For all those who do not like instant coffee, there are exciting alternatives. For example, you can make a Dalgona Espresso with freshly brewed, very strong espresso, and five tablespoons of sugar. Additional water is not necessary. However, it takes a little longer to whip up this foam. For a Dalgona Cocoa, it is absolutely necessary to use cream for the foam to become nice and firm. Three tablespoons each of baking cocoa, sugar, hot water, and 100 milliliters of cold cream make a delicious chocolaty foam. If you like, you can also add cocoa powder to the milk.

Anyone Can be Their Own Barista

The reason why Dalgona Coffee has become the hottest trend right now is probably due to the global corona crisis. Because of the pandemic, many people have had to and still have to forgo their daily trip to their favorite corner coffee shop. In the home office, coffee drinkers are becoming their own baristas and eagerly find inspiring ideas for conjuring up innovative specialty coffee drinks. Dalgona Coffee hits the nerve here. So why not reach for a hand blender and become part of the worldwide Dalgona Coffee movement! Have fun trying it out!


Discover the trendy Dalgona Coffee here


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