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Fantastic Forests

Impressive and beautiful – these are the fantastic forests of Germany. They account for about one-third of the country’s total area. Anyone who wants to hug trees for relaxation in this country has an estimated 90 billion specimens available to them.

The photographers at lookphotos have captured some of the most beautiful forest areas in Rhineland-Palatinate, southern Hessian Odenwald, the Black Forest, and Franconia for you.

Off for some forest bathing…


Rhineland-Palatinate with Hans-Georg Eiben

From the Eifel, to Hunsrück National Park, to the Palatinate Forest – Rhineland-Palatinate is the most densely wooded of the German states. Many castles, such as Trifels Castle near Annweiler, stand proudly amid these fantastic forests and offer fantastic views over the extensive forest areas. Hans Georg Eiben has discovered them for you.


Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg

The idyllic Untermünstertal with the monastery of St. Trudbert in the southern Black Forest is characteristic of this popular area of Baden-Württemberg. Angled, charming valleys surrounded by gentle, wooded hills – this typical alternation of open and wooded landscapes is what makes the Black Forest so charming.


Autumnal Odenwald with Heiner Machalett

Heiner Machalett has photographed the wonderful autumn atmosphere in the Hessian Odenwald. Along with Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse is one of the states with the largest proportion of forest among the German states. Forty-two percent of the area is covered by forest. The unspoiled natural forests are impressive.


Franconia from the Air with Markus Ixmeier

From high up in the air, Markus Ixmeier looks at Franconia. The towns there like here Rothenburg ob der Tauber in the evening light is often surrounded by densely forested slopes. We will show you some of the most beautiful corners of Franconia in these fascinating aerial photographs.


Cover: ©lookphotos / Markus Ixmeier / 71333466

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