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Focus on the Banner: Food in Bright Colors

Ultra Violet makes the fresh green of limes and herbs pop, along with tomato red, mustard yellow, and pomegranate seed pink. We present you with food in bold colors.

Wow! Our selection of the week is bursting with color power. The tones are as colorful as the international dishes are versatile. In addition to Mexican tostada (roasted tortilla), colorful burgers, vegetarian varieties, and healthy bowls, our selection of the week include Italian bruschetta, rice paper rolls, chia pudding, and seafood salad.

The colorful dishes range on a spectrum of bright, luminous, and absolutely appetizing. Fresh green and ultraviolet alone are real eye-catchers. They stand out even more when combined with their complementary colors like the bright red of tomatoes and the yellow-orange of sweet potatoes and egg yolks. Beetroot, pomegranate seeds, avocado, and berries keep the playfulness of the colors going.

In the banner, we have placed the dishes side by side: two overhead views are framing a front view. Both the right and left photographs have light backgrounds like wood painted white. The center image’s background is rather greyish, with a black plate. The cutlery is the only props used in these photographs. Two of the pictures are decorated with one leaf each of parsley and rocket. The meal itself is clearly in the foreground so that the colors can work for themselves.


This Week in Food: Fresh and Colorful


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