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Food photographer Alla Machutt: Still waters run deep

Alla Machutt doesn’t say much, she lets her photos speak for themselves! They tell us about her passion for food, creative work, and photography. They show her sense of clarity, colors, and textures with a modern and artistic aesthetic. She makes coral tomatoes shine on a black plate, decorated with deep purple basil and pink amaranth sprouts – a spectacle of color.

Alla Machutt

Award-winning minimalist style

Our photographer won awards for this and other work. She scores with her minimalistic style and focuses on clear visuals, always keeping the culinary in focus. Besides all the practicality and professionalism, it is also her great passion that drives Alla Machutt. She has always had a passion for photography and after a decade in marketing, she set up her own business as a photographer in California, USA.


Working with dedication and attention to detail

This allows the Ukrainian-born photographer to combine her passions: Taking photographs of travel, food, and lifestyle. Creativity plays a big role for her, she develops recipes, delves into the perfect styling of her dishes with dedication, and edits the photos down to the last detail. She values every aspect of her work processes.


Strawberry swirl brioche with whipped cream


Cottage cheese and cheese bagels with flax seeds and milk


Cinnamon crepes with caramelized apples and strawberries


Napoleon cake - Homemade vanilla, pastry cream and strawberry mille-feuille cake


This is a glimpse into Alla Machutt’s private life

Alla Machutt also likes to be productive at home, relaxing by painting, crafting, and throwing pottery. She loves baking sweets, working with chocolate, and making candies. Her biggest and daily inspiration is always her family, her husband Roman, and her cat Max, who warms her legs when she reads books or watches classic thrillers.

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Cover: ©StockFood / Alla Machutt / 13254638


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