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Food Trends 2021: #2 Biodiversity Cooking.

New food trends are constantly emerging around the globe. We went in search of the most exciting developments and found five strong food trends for 2021, which we would like to present to you. Today: #2 Biodiversity Cooking.

Monocultures endanger the foundations of our diet because they reduce natural plant diversity to a few standardized cultivars. Take the Hass avocado as an example. Once discovered by accident by a California mailman, the oval tropical berry now dominates the entire world market despite hundreds of other varieties. If a new type of pest were to attack this variety of all, global avocado cultivation could collapse within a few years.

Biodiversity Cooking: Preserving the diversity of nature

Therefore, more and more consumers are consciously trying to preserve as many animal and plant species as possible, not just out of healthy curiosity about exciting culinary discoveries. “Biodiversity Cooking” could help to stabilize our entire ecosystem. However, new species must first establish themselves with great difficulty in the highly competitive food market. The first step is often taken by the producers themselves, who can present their alternative varieties in a direct exchange with customers and market them at comprehensible prices. In the case of subtropical fruits, such as avocado alternatives, this is why an increasing amount of virtual farm stores are found online.

But biodiversity is also playing a growing role at our doorstep. After all, the farmer from the region or the trader at the weekly market can best explain why one should also consider Swabian Alb lentils, black acorn pigs, pussy Schindler strawberries or Manitoba wheat.

No question, Biodiversity Cooking offers all the signs of a sustainable and positive trend. However, we consumers have the final say. If demand in niche markets continues to pick up, it’s only a matter of time before full-line retailers also add to their monotony and pave the way for alternative foods.

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Hans Gerlach is an experienced chef, renowned food photographer, and successful food author. As a columnist, he works for the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, among others. One of the Munich native’s specialties is lovingly crafted stop-motion food films.

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