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Food Trends 2021: #3 Moon Milk

New food trends are constantly emerging around the globe. We went in search of the most exciting developments and found five-strong trends for 2021, which we would like to present to you. Today: #3 Moon Milk.

Golden milk, more commonly known among hipsters as turmeric latte, looks back on a centuries-old tradition in India. In the slipstream of this popular trendy drink, new variations will soon enrich our palette of Ayurvedic-inspired comfort drinks. In these preparations of plant milk with spices and medicinal herbs, ingredients such as ashwaganda (sleeping berry), maca (a Peruvian root), or tocos (specially fermented rice bran) play an essential role. The highlight: they all contain so-called adaptogens, which support the stability of the hormonal and nervous systems. With their help, the body can adapt to different types of stress without developing side effects or even becoming dependent on them. In contrast to vitamins, adaptogens act like smart stress blockers that can adequately counter different types of stress.

The concept of adaptogens has long been established in naturopathy. Clinical studies have also been able to prove the stress-relieving effect. The European Medicines Agency is urging more thorough research into the mechanisms of action. This year during the pandemic, we will have to deal with stress symptoms and their natural management. It seems obvious that the insider hype around Moon Milks and the amazing effects of adaptogens will conquer more than social media this year.

Discover Moon Milks and the amazing effects of adaptogens


Hans Gerlach is an experienced chef, renowned food photographer, and successful food author. As a columnist, he works for the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, among others. One of the Munich native’s specialties is lovingly crafted stop-motion food films.

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