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For Bookworms and Calendar Fans

You are looking for atmospheric book covers and inspirations for your next calendar? Lookphotos can help you!

How do you choose your next book? Author, title, blurb? Or is it the mysterious image on the cover that magically attracts you? Lookphotos has unusual photos for strong cover images. After all, what would a new year be without a new calendar? We’ll take you into the mysterious wilderness through a unique collection of images on “Fascination of the Forest“.


Strong Book Covers

At lookphotos, you will find exciting and unusual cover images for your next book project. Should it be the funny crab or the lonely rider in the desert? We have the perfect cover for every book idea. We have the image for your project whether romance novel, adventure, or non-fiction book!

Atmospheric cover pictures


Calendar Inspirations

Fascination Forest: With our photos, you will succeed in creating the perfect calendar to depict the facets of the adventurous wilderness. Our images offer unique insights into the fauna and flora of exotic and native forests. Enjoy the beauty and variety of our fantastic selection of images!

Fascinating forest photos

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