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Photographer-Portrait: Lise & Kristian Septimius Krogh – United by Love and Work


For almost 35 years Lise and Kristian Septimius Krogh have been working side by side as a team in photography and interior design. They demand the highest quality from themselves.

Lise and Kristian Septimius Krogh ©Septimius Krogh

How it All Began

Already as a teenager, Lise had a great interest in architecture, inspired by her father, an architect. After training as a decorator, she soon went into business for herself as a professional interior designer.

Kristian’s passion for photography developed in his twenties. He drove along the famous Route 1 in the USA, from Canada to Mexico. There he collected many inspirational ideas. After his photography studies at Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology England, he worked in photo studios in both London and Copenhagen. In 1987, he began running his own studio in Copenhagen and has been working as a freelance professional photographer ever since.


It is Love

Lise and Kristian are not only a team at work, but also in private. The two Danes have been working together on their projects for 35 years. Once they found each other through their common interest in photography they quickly realized that they were in love! They got married and were able to combine their private and professional lives perfectly.

“Working so much together has given us a unique closeness that many married couples do not even come close to having. We have a deep respect for each other´s skills. Skills that we are both very dependent in order to produce the work that we love so dearly.”


Close Ties to House of Pictures

Ever since, they have been side by side, hand in hand, producing features on interiors, lifestyle, travel, and food together. Their work has been published in magazines and books all over the world. Since the beginning of the 80s, they have worked closely with Pernille Schlosser from House of Pictures. Pernille has become a close and dear friend of the couple. Lise and Kristian were among the first photographers ever to work with the leading Scandinavian photo agency for premium interior features.


The Style

Lise and Kristian attach great importance to depicting everything as naturally and authentically as possible in their work. They are well aware that they can only work because friendly people let them into their homes. That’s why they pay great attention and respect to the privacy of the homeowners.

Kristian always uses natural light, but carefully selects the time of day for the shots in each room to ensure the best possible lighting conditions for each part of the house. He takes a lot of time and does not rush into anything.

“Lots of people do fantastic work today, but one of our best trademarks is probably our high-quality consistency. We take great care not to let anything through that we are not hundred percent satisfied with.”


Shooting with Obstacles

They also travel a lot for their work and often experience funny things. For example, Kristian had to photograph under difficult conditions when they produced a feature about the farm Fattoria Ma’Falda in Umbria, Italy, where two Norwegian women live with fifty goats. The artistically highly educated goats, who listen to classical music in their stables, followed Kristian as he worked with expert interest and liked to eat him and his equipment.


A Life Under the Sign of the Fine Arts

In recent years, artistic photography has become the focus of the couple more and more. This new passion inspired them to open a small shop in Copenhagen, where they sell their artistic works and more. In Studio Septimius Krogh, their small universe is centered around photography, art, architecture, and interior design. When they have time left, they spend it with their daughter, family, friends, and their cat.

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