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Labor of Love: Food Blogger Aniko Takacs

Aniko Takacs loves to travel and taste the foods of the countries she visits. “Live is too short not to try all the delicious and exciting flavours and combinations which are on hand,” she says.

She thinks food photography was the ultimate challenge for her skills and now shares recipes on her blog “Muliticultural Kitchen“.

Aniko was born in Hungary where her mother worked as a chef. That guaranteed she had an insight into how a professional kitchen works from her earliest childhood. Now, the mother of two boys, she is still obsessed with food.

After graduating as a pharmacist she travelled throughout the world and eventually moved to the United Kingdom. She loves trying out new recipes and rarely cooks the same dish twice.

She prefers working with natural light, but uses artificial lighting in the winter. Her camera of choice is a Canon 6D with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens. She has a great collection of props which she sources from charity shops, car boot sales and online vintage shops. She paints the boards used in her backgrounds herself and loves to experiment with colour and texture.

Everything on her blog, from the recipes to the backgrounds and composition of the photos is original. “ I put a lot of effort into every single one of my photos,” she says.  It is a labour of love.

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