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Photographer at a glance: Lise Mari Stang-Jacobsen

Our photographer Lise Mari Stang-Jacobsen comes from Norway and has a special eye for lighting moods and cozy living environments.

That’s why her photos always shine, sometimes with Nordic sunlight, sometimes in rustic, cozy candlelight. And always in typical Scandinavian interior, with a lot of natural flair, family feeling and a mixture of tradition and love of the country. First Lise Mari Stang-Jacobsen photographed her own home with a cell phone and only for her own blog – now with professional equipment, lots of experience and even more feeling for great publishers.


portrait Lise Mari Stang-JAcobsen


We wanted to get to know Lise better, besides her passion for photography, so we asked her five questions about her and her life:


How and why did you become a photographer?

It all started when we bought our old house. I launched a blog to document the process with our house and liked photography more and more. It felt like I was finding my way. I love to see the beauty in all things. With an interior photo, I want people to feel like they are in the room with me, smelling the coffee on the table and getting cozy on the couch.


What is your favorite piece of photography equipment and why?

I like to work with extra flashes. Here in Norway, where we have to deal with darkness for many months of the year I can’t take photos without it. I like it bright and cozy. During the Christmas season, of course, it’s a bit darker and with more candlelight than in the light-filled summer house. Otherwise, I always use my Canon and love it!


Do you have a personal motto for life? What is important to you?

I always try to find happiness in the smallest things. Because that way I really have a whole lot of reason to be happy. My family and children are the most important things to me, and with this job it’s easy to balance family and career.

Lise, why don’t you tell us about your living situation?

I live with my husband and our 3 children, ages 4, 10 and 13, in an old house built in 1890. We have cats and seven chickens. Last year we bought an old house in Sweden that we will use as a summer house. It’s by the sea and I’ve always dreamed of seeing the sea from my window.


When did you lately surprise yourself, and how did you do it?

I can do many different things and leave my comfort zone. I like challenges and doing things I’m afraid of. Last year I started ice bathing with my friend and it’s so good for my body and soul. I hate it, but I love it. 🙂


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