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Meal Prep! Relaxed Into a Healthy Lunch Break

A 30-minute lunch break ought to be planned. We’ll give you healthy lunch ideas that you can easily prepare. Meal prepping is the credo!

How long is your break? Lunch breaks are usually scheduled for 30 minutes, between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. You have a quick meal, then you’re back at your desk before you know it. More and more people are eating right at their desks, which is an unhealthy habit. So, how can we plan our lunch breaks differently?

Food Prep like a Pro

Reason 1:  We say more preparation is the solution! If you bring your lunch from home, you can start your break faster. Then you can plan ten minutes for a walk or relaxation exercises. You should move more during the working day anyway (everyone has probably heard that before…) Simply take your favorite food with you in a container like a stylish jar and start eating on time. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

Reason 2: By thinking about lunch beforehand, you can also make it more mindful. Healthy, light meals at lunch prevent a midday low after the break. And healthy is worth striving for, isn’t it? But not everyone has a modern deli, a hip salad bar or a vegan café with fresh bowls located near their workplace. If you visit a canteen that uses flavor enhancers, or a hearty lunch that contains countless calories, you should definitely keep reading.

Food Prep Suggestions

In order to convince even the greatest of skeptics, we’re giving you three ideas that are perfect for meal prep. They will have you looking forward to your lunch break all morning.

  1. Chicken with Vegetables and Rice

A combination of rice, vegetables, and chicken is ideal for lunch, whether its teriyaki chicken with broccoli or balsamic chicken with mixed vegetables. Portion out your choice of rice (wild rice, fragrant rice or Basmati rice) and prepare the chicken to taste. The menu is rounded off with healthy vegetables. Make it Asian style with broccoli, peppers, and snow peas, and season the chicken with soy sauce and sesame. If you prefer Italian, you can prepare the chicken breast with lemon in the oven and serve it with pumpkin or courgettes.

  1. Pasta Salad

Noodle salad (or optionally chickpea salad) is something for impatient meal preppies! While the noodles (chickpeas) are cooking, you are already slicing the other ingredients. Finally, you mix everything, add a healthy dressing of oil and tasty (apple or balsamic vinegar) vinegar, stir, and done. We recommend a pasta salad with tomatoes, spring onions, cheese, and nuts. Cucumbers, carrots, red onions, and sheep’s cheese go well with chickpeas. This dish can also be easily prepared vegan.

  1. Power Bowls

Everything that’s sweet and good can be added to this. From avocado and beetroot to berries, grains or other superfoods. Just design your bowl according to these principle guidelines: start with a base like rice, quinoa or couscous. Add vegetables of your choice and add a protein such as feta, tofu or legumes. Then top it off with nuts, sprouts, frozen fruit, or other crispy components and the highlight of your lunch break is ready.

There’s something for you here, isn’t there?

If you have nodded or answered “yes” you can start meal prepping right away. We wish you fun preparations, a good appetite, and a relaxed lunch break!

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