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New with us in April ! From near to far…

This month we are again exclusively showing you the latest shots by our photographers. And this time, we are not only presenting exciting travel destinations right on our doorstep but also dare to take another leap into the big wide world.

At the same time, we welcome two new photographers to Look: Alois Radler-Wöss and LaPeet. We are pleased to offer two such talented new additions to our portfolio.

Introducing the new April productions:

South Pacific with Holger Leue.

The South Pacific islands are shot from different perspectives – whether photographed from the air, from a ship or classically in the evening mood. Besides the authentic and atmospheric nature photographs, one thing, in particular, stands out in Holger Leue’s pictures: the cultural diversity, people range between tradition and modernity, with the spirit of adventure.

South Pacific with Holger Leue


Alois Radler-Wöss in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany

Alois Radler-Wöss has embarked on a boundless journey of discovery and illustrated the beauty of Central Europe for us. From Germany and Austria to the green forests of the Czech Republic. Moved by vibrant colors and refined lighting moods, the images immerse the viewer in a world of picturesque lakes, vineyards, and mountains.

Alois Radler-Wöss


Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with Heinz Wohner

His photographic journeys often take Heinz Wohner to the ends of the earth. But above all, it is Germany’s landscapes that compel him on new projects again. According to the adage: Why travel long distances when paradise is right on your doorstep? Accompanied by his camera, Heinz Wohner has now sought out the proximity to the sea and portrayed the evening beaches of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Harz Mountains and Lower Saxony with Axel Ellerhorst

Lower Saxony has many faces. On the one hand, there is the Harz with its many extensive forests, incised valleys, and coursing wild river. Further up north, you come across a completely different landscape: the North Sea with its long sandy beaches and idyllic fishing villages. Axel Ellerhorst captured Lower Saxony’s natural diversity on camera.

New Travel Destination in April: Lower Saxony


Capri with LaPeet

„Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt…“ Diese Zeilen von Vico Torriani kommen einem als erstes in den Sinn, wenn man an die “When the red sun sinks into the sea at Capri…” These lines by Vico Torriani are the first that come to mind when you think of the small Italian island. But Capri is more than just a place of longing for stars and starlets. Our look photographer LaPeet took a closer look at the charming island and the town of Capri.

New Travel Destination in April: Capri


Madagascar with Konrad Wothe

Fantastic beaches, lively markets with many colorful stalls, seemingly endless rice fields. Madagascar, one of the largest island states in the world, has a lot to offer culturally and scenically. Konrad Wothe was there and portrayed the country and its people for us.

People in Madagascar


Cover: ©lookphotos / 71355265

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