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Portrait of a Photographer: Bastian Linder – Nature is His Greatest Source of Inspiration

For Bastian Linder, nature is his greatest source of inspiration. The Munich photographer is new to lookphotos and has been an avid nature and landscape photographer for many years. As a boy, he often borrowed his father’s reflex camera and experimented in his photo lab. As an adult, the camera always remained a faithful companion on all his travels. After his studies, Bastian had the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful parts of Australia. It was then that he decided to turn his hobby into a profession.


©Bastian Linder

How it All Began

Bastian’s passion for photography developed in his childhood. His father had a private photo lab at their home. From time to time he would even present his work in small exhibitions. This stirred Bastian’s interest in photography. He first started with portraits taken with his father’s various SLR cameras and was allowed to experiment in the photo lab. On later journeys, his passion for travel, landscape, and outdoor photography developed. After his studies, a one-year stay in Australia became a turning point for him. In addition to his full-time job in a Munich sports club, Bastian decided to become a professional photographer after traveling the continent with his camera.


What Inspires Him

One of his great role models in the field of travel and landscape photography is the German photographer, adventurer, and geographer Michael Martin. He has spent more than 30 years traveling the earth’s deserts and captures them in his photographs. Bastian is also constantly inspired by the beauty of untouched landscapes and the diversity of foreign cultures. His ambition is led by curiosity.


“New experiences and adventures enrich me immensely, I am always actively looking for changes, always looking for the physical as well as the mental challenge. Furthermore, I am a very nature-loving person. In nature, I replenish my energy.  It is where I store, regenerate, and find inspiration.”


Fascination with Nature

Bastian describes nature as a constant source of inspiration. The photographer hopes that his images will raise awareness of our precious planet and its breathtaking beauty in people. He is particularly enthusiastic about the possibility of capturing fleeting moments for eternity that will never occur again in such detail.


“Change and transformation are everywhere, nothing is exactly the same a second later. The world keeps on turning, points of view shift, changing perspectives and insights. What we catch are only fleeting moments of an extremely complex and astonishing world. By creating a photograph, I can give space to my view of the world and nature with its beauty and capture, record, and share the force of the moment.”



His Style: Open for Everything

In Bastian’s photographs you often find strong colors without appearing unnatural. However, he is reluctant to be tied down to certain stylistic devices, often deciding spontaneously on how to proceed in the situation. He prepares other motifs in a targeted manner. For example, he visits a location several times before the shoot or consults Google Earth or photographers’ forums to find out about the best conditions and perspectives.


Shooting from a Bird’s Eye View

He was once allowed to experience a shoot in Mauritius from a special perspective, helicopter. The most unusual thing about the shoot is that before take-off, the pilot had completely removed the door at Bastian’s side without much explanation and tied him into a full-body harness.


“When we had reached our flying altitude, the pilot told me through the headphones that I should lean out of the helicopter with my entire upper body to take pictures. Somewhat skeptically and carefully I pushed my camera and my body out of the helicopter. The wind whistled around my ears and I felt unlocked. If not for my excited trembling, I would have felt like an action hero.”


But the focused scene through the viewfinder of his camera made him forget the excitement after a few minutes and he got incomparable shots of the unique coastal landscape. Even today, the experience of this adventurous shoot is a very vivid memory.


Sporty Adventurer

The photographer’s leisure time is full of adventure too. All his hobbies are primarily sports in the great outdoors. He loves boarding, whether it is windsurfing or snowboarding. In winter, he is drawn to the deep snow-covered wintery peaks on his splitboard. In summer he is out and about on his mountain bike and during the in-between time, he can be found bouldering.


Through the North in a Camper

This enthusiasm for sports and outdoor activities will be reflected even more strongly in his future photographic work. His focus in the past couple of years has mainly been on wedding and portrait photography, Bastian would like to concentrate more on outdoor and travel photography. His next big project in summer will be a photo trip by camper through northern Europe.


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