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Portrait of a Photographer: Diana Kowalczyk – Story Telling Through Her Pictures

She loves to cook and photograph. As a food photographer, Diana Kowalczyk has found the perfect dream job for herself. She loves to tell little stories with her photos.

How It All Began

It all started with a blog. In 2012 Diana came up with the idea to create a food blog because she found photography and especially food styling very fascinating. However, at first, she admits that she didn’t know the first thing about cooking or photography. Learning-by-doing became her creed and quickly gave her a taste for it.

Her professional ambition was awakened when she was given a reflex camera as a wedding gift in 2013. She took various photography courses to expand her specialist knowledge, which inspired new design ideas for her blog. She soon realized that food photography could be more than just a hobby and began to immerse herself in the subject. The first orders for magazines and restaurants followed. She now photographs for many well-known brands and regional food manufacturers.


Contribution photos ©Diana Kowalczyk

Close to the Heart Food Blog

Her blog remains the true heart and soul of her work. Both beginners and seasoned chefs can search her blog for imaginative recipes, each illustrated with Diana’s photographs. Diana’s comprehensive culinary portfolio covers the realm of cooking and baking. She especially loves to photograph seasonal dishes.


“I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, but more often than not, by what I find in a local greengrocer at a given time of the year.”


The bold colors of seasonal vegetables fascinate and inspire her again and again.


Her Style

Diana loves food photography so much that she was able to turn a hobby into her dream job.  Now she can do what she loves every day.  She hopes her enthusiasm is infectious to others.


“I like it when the recipient, looking at my pictures, can imagine a story. That is why my hands, frozen in movement, are visible in many pictures. Story-telling photos give me the most satisfaction.”



Your Own Garden as a Photo Studio

Diana often finds new ideas in nature. She loves taking pictures outdoors and relaxing after a long day in the woods with her husband and six-year-old daughter. As the family is building their dream home, Diana can’t wait to use her own garden as a photo studio. In fact, she is a woman who always looks to the future with joy and optimism.


“I am a vigorous, energetic, and very enthusiastic woman constantly looking for what the future has in store for me. I am curious to see what else is in the hat and cannot wait to work with it.”


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